AchievaTek   from  “Achieve A Tek  (Tek, phonetics from Technology and Technique)

AchievaTek is a federation of freelancers focusing on creative solutions that are efficient and cost effective.  We strive for minimalist type solutions, our motto is “Cut the fluff and get to the stuff.”, in other words cut cost by providing efficient solutions.

We  practice Minimalist, Lean, and Design Thinking methods to create a solution that is innovative and saves you money.  Our talented members are passionate about what they do and desire to bring our clients success.

AchievaTek services include,

  • Training (Python) ,  our training objective is to make training fun and productive.  Again, we “cut the fluff and get to the stuff”.
  • Operations Management, our Analysis, Process Improvement, and standard documents (SOP, SLA, TechRefs, etc), for efficiency
  • Pharma Operations, we specialize in Operations Management for efficiency, our documents will pass FDA Audits.
  • Data Experts, many years of Data, Database, and Data Warehouse SMEs, we have many years in the world of Data
  • Websites – Marketing methods to help bring you business. Responsive Web Design, QR code,  and Growth & Promotion methods