* Python Training *

  AchievaTek has proven and accelerated training.  Our gifted Trainers have many years of experience, our training content has been designed to get you started quickly, so you can learn by doing (programming).  Our objective is to help you quickly learn material, be Productive, even have fun.


Python Training,  is one of our biggest areas of training.  Making training fun and productive our methods are designed  to quickly get you using Python.  We cut the fluff and get to the stuff.

Some Python Training topics include:

  • Python’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Writing Python Programs using the IDE called IDLE
  • Names and Expression
  • Assignment, Assigning Input, and Print
  • Numbers and Type Conversion
  • Objects and Graphics
  • Sequences: Strings, Lists, and Files
  • Defining Functions
  • Decision Structures
  • Loop Structures and Boolean type
  • Defining Classes
  • Object Oriented Design
  • More. . .

Current Training Locations.  (Raleigh bldg, Galax VA bldg & Training Room)


Need customized training?  We can help with additional training needs.  AchievaTek is a Federation of knowledge, we can most likely tailor the right training to fit your needs.  Let us know.