* Data & Process *


We Are Experts in,  Operation  Resources such as, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Service Level Agreements (SLAs),  Data Source Matrix, Operation TechRefs,  Process Improvement.  **MANY AWARDS RECEIVED

Governance  We practice solid Governance and Management principles.  We use PASS (Agile method) to capture robust data and process requirements.

Data Sciences , very familiar to us, many of our members are consultants with years of experience.  Experience in Database, Data Warehouse (full SDLC), BI, Governance, and Process Improvement.  We will help you meet your goals.


We perform gap analysis to determine best methods to apply.

Methodologies:   CRC (Class Responsibility Collaboration), Contextual Design, Yourdon/DeMarco Analysis, ERD

EnterPrise Architecture:    Zackman EA Framework (Ops & Dev docs)

 PASS (Process Analysis Story Structure), providing steps toward clear Product definition, along with Run-time schedules.  GOAL (Goal Oriented Assembly Line), making the Operation challenge into a script, simplicity via “No Fluff” instructions.  Other, AI (Agile Information), our proven method of capturing Technical Information quickly to enhance and secure an Agile Culture.